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Serving the communities of Tampa and Orlando, the Clean Fast USA team has been dedicated to providing the ultimate best in pressure washing and commercial cleaning available. We’ve coupled our years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment with our steadfast commitment to stellar customer care to create the most encompassing, reliable and flexible power washing company in Florida. Our skilled team has always exhibited an extreme focus on detail and service that is unrivaled by any competitor.

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Steven loves drinking coffee and when he’s not drinking coffee he’s probably taking pictures of dirty concrete and day-dreaming about all the ways he can make it clean. He doesn’t only eat, sleep and breathe pressure washing - he teaches, writes about and is published on the subject. For fun, his younger self used to run miles across heather-covered hills and get bloody and muddy on the rugby field. Away from the business he can be found monkeying around with Innis, watching movies with Holly and chillin’ like a villain.



Holly is the behind-the-scenes-getting-it-done-kind-of-boss-lady. A proven MacGyver, no problem goes unsolved. An entrepreneur at heart. Rewind 20-some years and you would have found her selling tickets to her self-written, self-directed, one-little lady variety show! Rewind 10 years and you would have found her knee deep in her little handbag business, keeping the ladies of Scotland looking oh-so-fly…she’s from Scotland by the way. Holly’s favorite things are Steven, Innis (her beautiful 4 year old boy) and baking. Words she lives by, ‘Run it, Like You Own It”.

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Great Customer Service

The commitment to detail, aggressive pricing and continuing education of your staff in the industry of pressure washing is unparalleled.

Michelle K - Senior Property Manager

Timely and Professional

CleanFast has been a mainstay of quality service and excellence in the Orlando Market… your crews meet expectations and consistently deliver the unparalleled service necessary to our assignments.

Lisa C. J. - Vice President

5 stars

… finally, a vendor that listens, works with your needs in mind and won’t waste your time.

Karylin G - Assistant Property Manager

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