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As Orlando’s pressure washing professionals, we tend to run across a lot of discarded chewing gum. It’s one of those substances that, if not removed quickly, can really make Florida businesses look unkempt. Thankfully, our pressure washing team knows a lot about chewing gum and how to remove it. With that said, here are five bite-sized facts about gum that you might just find amusing:

1.) Long Live Chewing Gum

Some of the wads of chewing gum that our pressure washing team has removed from sidewalks were old. But they certainly were nowhere near as old as the wad found in 2007 during an archaeological dig in Western Finland. Scientists believe that it is more than 5,000 years old.

2.) Nothing Beats It

As you might have guessed by now, chewing gum is far from being biodegradable, at least for now. What you might find amusing is that there are gum manufacturers that have been chewing over the idea of making biodegradable gum for years. The only problem is to date none of them have been able to come up with a suitable alternative. Until they do, our sidewalk cleaning experts will continue to ensure that our clientele’s properties remain chewing gum free.

3.) Not Your Mama’s Homemade Gum

Speaking of manufacturers, you might be interested to know that gum wasn’t available commercially until 1848. The first man to sell his version of the popular confection to the masses was named John B. Curtis. He was a notable Maine resident and initially marketed his wares in wooden boxes. At the time, he used the brand name of State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum.

4.) Anyone Got Some Spare Change?

Even though it was commercially available in 1848, chewing gum didn’t make its way into vending machines until 40 years later. The first company to break that barrier was Adams & Sons of New York. They sold the confection under the brand name, Adams’ Tutti Frutti. Despite the name, it actually came in quite an array of intriguing flavors.

5.) Everything Tastes Better with Candy on Top

Last but not least, candy coated gum didn’t burst onto the scene until the late 1890s. Can you guess which brand of gum it was? It was Chiclets, which are still being manufactured to this day. The man behind the candy-coated madness was the late sports bubblegum trading card king, Henry Fleer.

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