Brick buildings are the epitome of sound design. When erected by a high-quality mason, these buildings can stand the test of time for many years. However, they can’t be completely ignored. Although they don’t require the semi-annual upkeep of buildings protected by siding or other materials, brick buildings still require proper maintenance in order to stay in top condition. Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to make sure your brick building looks fabulous despite the heat and salty air we experience here in Florida. Here are just a few reasons we recommend that commercial and municipal property managers invest in pressure washing at least once a year.

Maintain Structural Integrity

Pressure washing your brick is just something that’s done for show, right? Wrong. While brick buildings are very resilient, they aren’t infallible. Over time, mortar can erode, putting your building at risk for the loss of structural integrity. Regular brick cleaning ensures that you will notice these problems soon after they arise, giving you the option to take action while they’re still small repairs.

Protection Against Weather And Pests

As we mentioned earlier, the salty air, constant humidity, and brutal hurricane winds that we often experience here in Florida take their toll on all types of buildings. Likewise, the absence of a true winter leaves buildings susceptible to rodent and insect infestations. Most brick is sealed against these types of issues, but without proper cleaning, the sealant can erode leaving your brick exposed.

Spot Problems While They’re Still Minor Repairs

Our skilled pressure washing technicians are trained to spot problems in brick and stucco, even if they’re more than skin deep. With a regular brick cleaning routine, you can rest easy knowing that any structural problems will be spotted long before they become major issues. Whether it’s a splash of unsightly graffiti or rust stains forming from a poorly sealed drain pipe, we’ll alert you to the problem right away.

Brighten Exterior Appearance

It’s not that hard to know when you’re on the “wrong side of town.” Just look at the buildings: does it look like they’re caked in decades worth of dirt and grime? No one wants to patronize a business when it looks like the owner doesn’t care enough to keep the exterior clean. Don’t miss out on any new revenue just because your brick is dirty! Pressure washing takes care of the problem quickly and easily.

Preserve Property Value

If you own the building in which your company is housed, retention of property value is probably a high priority. You want to make sure that if and when your company outgrows its current location, you have a good chance to make a profit on its sale. Pressure washing helps brick buildings retain their curb appeal so that you can be sure to get top dollar.

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