eflourescense removal

CleanFast USA understands that business owners in Florida face many challenges when it comes to building maintenance. Like many other commercial property managers, you have to deal with the occasional graffiti, as well as the debris and damage that affect your building after a hurricane or coastal storm. But there’s still another challenge that Florida business owners have to deal with: efflorescence. Although it can be quite annoying, efflorescence doesn’t have to pose a threat to your brick exterior. Regular pressure washing can take care of this salty problem, but you have to act quickly.

What Is Efflorescence, Anyway?

Efflorescence is the technical name for a white powdery substance that can often be seen covering brick, cement, and stone buildings in coastal areas.

Concrete Network explains: “Efflorescence is caused by vapor migrating through the slab bringing soluble salts to the surface of the concrete.” In simpler terms, there are natural salts contained in all masonry materials and when these materials get wet, these salts migrates to the exterior of the building through pores in the brick. When the salty water solution makes it all the way to the outside of a brick building, the cooler air quickly causes the water to evaporate, leaving only the white, powdery salt behind.

Is Efflorescence Dangerous For Your Brick Building?

The main concern for many commercial building owners is whether or not efflorescence is dangerous to the structural integrity of the building. Anywhere there’s moisture, there’s likely to be mold. So mold and mildew growth is one possible effect. Additional problems that can arise include wood-rotting fungi, water leaking into windows, and damage to the building’s insulation.

How Can Business Owners Deal With Efflorescence?

Want to avoid all of these nasty and expensive-sounding problems with your brick building? We’ve got the simple and affordable solution: pressure washing. With regular brick cleaning treatments, our skilled technicians can be sure that efflorescence is never an unsightly problem on your commercial building.

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