BSCAI is a trade association of the building service industry, and represents a worldwide network of over 2,000 companies from across the U.S. and 30 other countries, who provide cleaning, facility maintenance, and other related services to building owners and managers.

CleanFast USA is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Building Service Contractors Association International, and is looking forward to being part of a diverse network of excellent companies who provide services to commercial and residential property owners/managers.

With a focus on pressure washing, CleanFast USA provides exterior cleaning solutions to ensure that the Health & Safety of property users is protected, in addition to improving and maintaining property aesthetics. CleanFast USA reviews each project according to client needs and property specific characteristics; we are equipped with hot water and cold water pressure washing equipment and also provide low pressure cleaning methods where required.

CleanFast USA currently serves the State of Florida; currently our main areas of service are:

* Orlando, FL
* Kissimmee, FL
* Davenport, FL
* Tampa, FL
* Lakeland, FL
* Melbourne, FL

If you are a Property Owner, Property Manager, Building Manager, HOA Representative, Community Manager or Restaurant Manager, call us now to schedule your free DEMO of our services.

Contact Details

Tel: (407) 552-1441
Fax: (407) 749-0301