Can Gas Station Pressure Cleaning Influence Customer Experience?

What do gas stations, pressure cleaning, and customer service have to do with one another? To answer that question, we’re going to spend a little time in the shoes of the gas station consumer.

Our intrepid Mr. Customer is headed home after a long day, notices his gas gauge dinging at him, and so stops at the nearest gas station. Upon exiting his car we can almost hear the creepy music from the shower scene from the movie Psycho in the background. The dereliction of the equipment and the general creepiness of the attendant, who falls way below average on the tooth-to-tattoo ratio, is outdone only by the repulsiveness of what our dear consumer finds himself stepping in.

After spending part of his time pumping gas, and the majority dodging puddles of various unidentifiable, yet curiously dirty, wet looking materials, Mr. Customer can’t help but feel a slight sense of failure as he gets back into the car. Noticing that somewhat familiar sensation of resistance when he tries to move his foot from the carpeting in his car, he realizes that, although he missed the puddles, he managed to step square on the piece of gum he didn’t see. This horrible blob of sticky, dirty gum is now attached to the sole of his Italian tailored shoes as well as the recently shampooed carpet of his car..

The frustration of having to explain the sudden existence of a dark sticky glob in his car to his wife spurs the irritated consumer back out of his car to complain to the proprietors of this petroleum pit. However, on his way across the lot, he steps in an undetected pile of discarded coffee, slips on a discarded half-eaten jelly donut and nearly vomits upon smelling a recently deposited cup of urine in the parking stalls.

If our imaginary Mr. Customer were not sickened by a hypothetical bad experience at a gas station, he would no doubt be happy to explain to us his view on the connection between gas stations, pressure cleaning, and customer service.

While the scenario above may be extreme, the instances ‘experienced’ by Mr. Customer are all things we have encountered in gas station pressure cleaning. Our pressure washing service can help a gas station operator maintain a clean property where customers are not turned off by dirt, grime and gum… and end up using the gas station across the street.