Many retail companies are more than familiar with the importance of the first impression formed by their customers – millions of dollars are spent each year on branding, signage, store fixtures and fittings and overall customer experience.

With this in mind, the entrance to any store should be free from anything that will detract from the customer experience. Is the entrance boring, cluttered or have signage that is not welcoming to the customer? Is the signage handwritten and taped to the window? The visual impact made on the customer upon walking into the store can often affect their decision to actually make a purchase.

Another crucial element to how the condition of the storefront can affect the customers experience is its cleanliness. The importance and need for regularly scheduled pressure washing of storefronts, sidewalks and canopies can not be understated in helping to provide a welcoming retail experience. With foot traffic and the placement of trash cans at the entrance comes the related dirt, gum, spillage and stains that make the retail storefront an unpleasant environment for customers to walk through.

The use of hot water pressure washing methods can safely and effectively remove gum and surface stains without damaging the concrete – after all, the decision to invest money in having the retail storefront pressure washed should deliver increased value, and not an added expense in having to repair damage caused by less scrupulous pressure washing contractors.

It would be wise for the retail store manager to check the references of the pressure washing contractor, check that they have the relevant licenses and insurance coverage and ask them questions on their methods to ensure that they are getting the best pressure washing service.

With a competitive retail environment, economic challenges and an empowered shopper, retailers can not afford to ignore cleanliness and its impact on the customer buying experience. A clean, well-lit and inviting store entrance may not make the store an overnight success, but the employment of storefront pressure washing services will assist in increasing the dollar value of each customer visiting the store.