It cannot be stressed enough the importance of maintaining sidewalks that are used by members of the public, whether in a commercial shopping center, residential community or in the center of town. One of the over-riding issues for building managers, facility managers and property owners is the Health Safety of those who use set foot on their property.

Characteristics of poorly maintained sidewalks fall into 2 main categories, Structural and Aesthetic.

Structural problems take shape in the form of:

⁃ Cracks
⁃ Swelling
⁃ Holes
⁃ Erosion
⁃ Uneven Surfaces

Aesthetic problems take shape in the form of:

⁃ Dirt
⁃ Spillage
⁃ Stains
⁃ Mildew
⁃ Rust

In their report, Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Safety, Security Maintenance (2007), Edward O’Donnell and Andres Knab (University of Delaware) wrote:

“The issue of maintenance on pedestrian facilities is developing into a significant issue. Moreover, maintenance impacts both safety and security of users on the facility… poorly maintained surfaces can lead to serious injuries or collisions. In addition, maintenance also affects perception of these facilities and their use. The lower the level of maintenance, the higher the likelihood the facility will be underutilized.”

CleanFast USA pressure washing sidewalks can help your community, facility or organization keep your sidewalks clean to reduce the negative impact of dirty, poorly maintained sidewalks. With regular maintenance, our cleaning processes will make your sidewalks safer for your customers/residents to use as well as helping to improve customer perception. A further benefit of our service is we will report any potential hazards and risks posed by sidewalk condition to you – keeping you on top of health, safety and maintenance issues.