Why a Clean Facade is Imperative to Your Business

pressure washing professionals in TampaAt CleanFast USA we are committed to providing business and property managers/owners in Orlando and Tampa with the finest exterior cleaning services to ensure that they have the best opportunity for success. The importance of public health & hygiene, coupled with the effect of a positive first impression, can not be overlooked as far as property users and customers are concerned.

In an article published by the Restaurant Facility Management Association, the significance of exterior cleaning to successful business operation and customer satisfaction is highlighted. These points can be applied to all aspects of retail property management.

Key areas of pressure washing in Tampa are:

  • Building Façade

 – In addition to the exterior assets on the property, we must address the proper maintenance of the building’s façade. Pressure washing and building painting are cost-effective and efficient ways to rejuvenate and protect the building’s exterior, providing “curb appeal” that’s essential for making a great impression on your customers. Depending upon the surface materials, age of the facility itself and maintenance schedule, pressure washing may be used to remove layers of dirt, mold, grime, grease and other unsightly buildup, but in some cases a new coat of paint may be required to freshen up the facade. Any graffiti on your property should be removed promptly.
  • The Dumpster Container and Pad – Restaurants should have stringent cleaning requirements to ensure all exterior areas are safely maintained, long-term operating costs are reduced and facilities are attractive for patrons. The dumpster corral is an area that is often neglected by some restaurateurs; however, the cleanliness (or lack of) in a restaurant’s dumpster corral is a direct reflection of the cleanliness maintained within the establishment. Customers do not want to walk by dumpsters overflowing with trash, smell putrid odors or see grease accumulation in this area. Not only is grease accumulation and improper disposal harmful to your concrete and asphalt, but it is representative of a larger issue regarding restaurant operations. This area should be on a daily checklist to ensure it is kept litter-free; otherwise, debris will be blown throughout the property.
  • Benefits of Fresh Exteriors

 – Regular maintenance of these components should be seamlessly integrated to have a maximum impact on your facility’s image, which will help produce a successful operation and create a cohesive brand image. Statistics indicate that interior cleanliness is paramount to building repeat customers. If you apply the same emphasis in managing your exterior curb appeal, you will be rewarded with new customers and increased customer counts. Remember, your parking lot, landscape, building facade and dumpster corral are all important attributes that may not affect the freshness of your broccoli, but all have a major impact on your restaurant’s success.

For commercial and restaurant pressure washing in Tampa and Orlando, call the industry’s finest at CleanFastUSA. We’ll provide a speedy-fast quote customized for your restaurant and schedule your project to suit your timeline.