CleanFast USA is proud to announce that we are members of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association. Through this membership we hope to help raise awareness of the importance of Health & Hygiene on the outside of the building as well as on the inside.

In addition, we hope to highlight the importance of exterior presentation and how it can affect customer perception. We believe that nothing should detract from the customer experience prior to them entering the restaurant – by using our hot water pressure cleaning service, a restaurant manager can have piece of mind knowing that their building and sidewalks are clean, fresh and inviting. This then leaves their staff to create a positive dining experience for the customer, where they will be excited by the service and come back with friends and family.

Some of the services we provide for restaurant managers and owners are:

* Sidewalk Cleaning
* Gum Removal
* Drivethru Cleaning
* Grease Spill Cleanup
* Dumpster Pad Cleaning
* Awning Cleaning
* Building Washing

Please call us for your free, no obligation quote and demo:

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