It is important for shopping center property managers to understand the difference between hot water pressure washing methods and cold water pressure washing methods when choosing a commercial pressure washing company to maintain their property. The choice could be the difference between a clean, safe and presentable property and a property with surface damage, incomplete removal of contaminants and one that is less marketable to potential tenants.

The nature of retail and shopping center properties with high foot traffic, dining establishments, chewing gum deposits, environmental contamination and other factors contribute to the buildup of stains and dirt on sidewalks and building surfaces. While much of the dirt and contaminants associated with these factors can be removed with chemicals, detergents and cold water – it is often more effective and safer to use hot water pressure washing methods.

The main benefit of hot water water pressure washing on commercial properties is its effectiveness and efficiency in removing chewing gum from sidewalks. The abrasive nature of pressure washing helps to ‘blast’ substances from a surface, by heating the water, the need to ‘blast’ and subsequent risk of surface damage is reduced. The hot water pressure washing actually dissolves the gum on sidewalks and significantly reduces the chances of scarring and gouging the cream of the concrete sidewalk.

Grease, oils and general food spillages on storefront sidewalks at retail shopping centers are removed more readily with hot water pressure washing – hot water is better at removing these contaminants because it lowers the surface tension which helps remove them from the pores of the concrete.

Areas and situations on property that can benefit from hot water pressure washing are storefront sidewalks, areas near trash cans, curb fronts, dumpster pads, drive thrus, loading docks, grease spills, grease pads and gum removal.