Over the last couple of years, CleanFast USA has had calls from customers who require hydraulic oil spill cleanup services. These customers are typically in a construction or sanitation related industry, where their equipment has leaked onto the roads within a residential community.

In these circumstances, the customer is usually quite anxious to have it dealt with straight away as they do not want the oils to absorb into the concrete, paver or asphalt substrate. Obviously, the sooner that we can get to a spill, the more likely it is that we can reduce or eliminate the subsequent staining issues. An important first step in hydraulic oil spill cleanup is to put down an absorbent as soon as possible, this action can quickly reduce the amount of oil that can soak into the surface.
Hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup (Before)

We use products that are environmentally-friendly and safe for the environment to remove the oil stains – no caustic, acidic or corrosive chemicals are used in our process. The enzymes in our cleaners ‘eat’ the oil on the surface, and when allowed to soak in, they go to work and digest any oils in the pores of the surface.

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