If you are a facility manager, property manager or business owner in Orlando, FL you probably have experience with a cleaning company or janitorial company. They come into your office to vacuum, polish, buff, tidy, sanitize and clean all areas on the inside of the building. This helps provide a clean, safe and productive work environment where all employees can focus on their job and avoid any unnecessary delays or disruption to their day. Furthermore, the impression that a clean and sparkling reception and office area leaves on clients and prospective customers can assist in developing and maintaining profitable business relationships.

You have taken the steps to ensure that the interior of your office building is in pristine condition, but have you given consideration to the exterior cleaning needs of your building and property?

The next time you drive to your office in Orlando, FL we challenge you to take a look at the following areas on your walk from your car into your office:

Building Walls
Sidewalks Surrounding the Building
Curbs in the Parking Lot
Concrete Bump Stops in the Parking Stalls
Undersides of Canopies, Awnings and Overhangs
Dumpster Enclosures

We are sure that you will be (unpleasantly) surprised!! The exterior of buildings and properties are often neglected with regard to cleanliness when compared to the attention that the interior areas receive.

When you give consideration to the power of first impressions and their impact on people who visit your office – the first impressions will often be made when they drive pass the black, soil covered curbs in the parking lot, step out of their car and look at the mildew and dust on your building, walk along the stained and gum covered sidewalks, pass by the overflowing trash cans where employees have spilled their coffee and walk under the the covered entrance that has insect nests and webs all over it.

The above scenario may be a slight exaggeration, but it is very likely that your office building has some of the exterior cleanliness issues highlighted. This scenario is easily avoided through the adoption of a scheduled exterior cleaning and pressure washing maintenance program. By hiring a professional pressure washing contractor in Orlando, FL you can be assured that they will use the correct pressure washing methods to help preserve the integrity of the surface being cleaned, while removing the surface contaminants.

You have taken care of your interior cleaning needs to preset a sharp, professional and clean image to your clients, have you taken care of the exterior cleaning needs of your office complex? Office complex pressure washing with Cleanfast USA.