1. Industry Secrets to Stellar Pressure Washing Results

    Like with anything that is worth doing right the first time, pressure washing is more than just the act of pointing a high-powered water hose at a building. It takes skill, knowledge and a focus that goes beyond just performing the job. There are "secrets" that help some pressure washing companies excel beyond the everyday task. At CleanFast USA, our team undergoes continuous training and educatio…Read More

  2. Pressure Washing Your Property

    What you should know about rust and graffiti removal You've been noticing that the exterior of your business has been looking a bit less than attractive. Maybe there are bird droppings on the sidewalk. Maybe the stucco has been stained with rust or efflorescence. Maybe some jerk has even tagged the backside of your business with unsightly graffiti. One thing is for certain: all these maybe's add u…Read More

  3. Part Two: What do you Know About Pressure Washing

    Alrighty. Last month we added a little fun by adding a quiz to our blog just to see who is really paying attention to our pressure washing posts. To see if business owners in Orlando and Tampa and beyond are at all interested in the details of power washing. Even in the slightest. Though we find it endlessly fascinating (which is just one of the reasons that we're so good at it), we understand tha…Read More

  4. Pressure Washing Old Buildings

    Well what do you know? After an issue that a customer had with the Historic Preservation Society, we came up with yet another reason you should not attempt pressure washing as a DIY project. It seems that this individual's misguided attempt to scrub the exterior of his business' building actually damaged the brick and wood facade. Yes, this error can add up to thousands in repair cost, but the und…Read More

  5. Keep Your Building Maintenance Costs Lower with Routine Pressure Washing

    It happened recently that a business owner in Kissimmee called us to find out more about pressure washing as the walking and parking areas around his business were looking..... well, lets just say that they've seen their fair share of mess. In an effort to try to save money, this owner (whom we'll refer to as Larry), attempted to keep up with the bird excrement, graffiti, oil stains and gum mess o…Read More

  6. Why You Dont Want to Pressure Wash on Your Own

    We know what you are thinking. We've heard the reasoning far too many times before. But for all the money-saving, time-conscious excuses we've been given by uneducated DIY'ers, we still believe that pressure washing should never be attempted by the average home or business owner. And it has nothing to do with protecting our bottom line. Yes, we get it. You can rent a pressure washer at any home im…Read More

  7. What That Little Bird is Telling People About Your Business

    Let's look at this scenario and you tell us if it sounds familiar. You arrive at your retail business early in the morning, ready and eager to start another day here in beautiful Florida. As you get out of your car and head towards your front door, you notice a few pigeons here and there; nothing overwhelming but there they are. And so is the dirty little mess birds tend to leave behind. You move …Read More

  8. Three Property Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before Spring Break

    Wow. That was quick. Though we don't really have any real winter to speak of in Florida, the end of the season is already near. Traditionally, because Florida weather is pretty consistent all year long, the end of winter is marked by the migration of the snowbirds, who move back to the Northern states they originate from. You'll also be alerted to the change in seasons by the appearance of a much …Read More

  9. What do You Know About Pressure Washing?

    It is the ongoing focus of our company to fully educate our clients and website visitors and we do so through this blog. Every thing we've written up to now is to extend tips and information that we feel may help business owners with the maintenance and upkeep of their business. But we got to thinking. Who is really paying attention to our pressure washing blogs? Is there any one paying attention …Read More

  10. Renew Your Business With Pressure Washing

    If you’ve noticed a slump in business, the appearance of your physical location might be the problem. It’s important to maintain an impeccably clean and inviting professional atmosphere. The fact is, the appearance and cleanliness of a company can be the deciding factor is a customer’s decision to do business with you. An unclean business, particularly one that provides food and drink, can c…Read More