power washing Orlando

Now is the time to contact us for comprehensive and affordable power washing services in Tampa, Orlando and their surrounding areas.

If you are a property manager, you might be thinking about drafting your 2014 budget right about now or you are already in the process of doing it. Don’t forget to include the cost of having your properties power washed next year, as keeping your structure clean can go a long way toward ensuring your rentals stay full on a regular basis.

Here at Clean Fast USA, we specialize in performing power washing services for commercial buildings ranging from apartment complexes to shopping centers and everything in between. We know that weather and pollution can really take a toll on your building, so to present it in the best light possible, you should consider having the exterior power washed at least once each year.

You will also need to have your sidewalks power washed more often if they are exposed to a great deal of foot traffic, as they can easily become dirty or littered with chewing gum and debris that would make them unsightly. We can clean your sidewalks at the same time your building surfaces are being cleaned using safe, low-pressure methods, and then make additional scheduled maintenance visits to keep these areas safe and clean all year.

When it comes to power washing, an often-overlooked area is the dumpster pad. Keeping this area clean will go a long way toward ensuring the health and safety of your tenants and property users, not to mention the fact that potential tenants could be turned off if the dumpster area is dirty. The frequency in which your dumpster area will need to be cleaned can depend on the number of tenants you have and the type of waste that’s frequently disposed of. We’ll come as often as needed in order to ensure this area stays clean or include it as part of regularly-scheduled pressure washing maintenance. This will help keep it safe underfoot, minimize foul odors and keep away pests and vermin.

The best way to ensure you have budgeted correctly for power washing is to contact us for an estimate. We serve the state of Florida, from Clearwater to Daytona Beach, Jacksonville to Miami and Orlando to Gainesville. We can be reached at 407-552-1441 or by email at info@cleanfastusa.com