pressure washing Tampa

Food service is one of the most competitive industries in the nation. This is even more true in sunny Florida, which is almost always flush with tourists. At CleanFast USA, we truly believe that pressure cleaning can help you stand out in a crowd of other restaurants clamoring for the public’s attention. How, you may ask? Just like the most famous dish on your menu, it all comes down to presentation, and that means power washing.

Let’s take a look at all the ways pressure cleaning can attract diners to your Orlando restaurant!

Gum Removal

Nothing makes a restaurant look more sketchy than a sidewalk entryway that’s covered in the black spots left behind by dried up chewing gum. And if the black spots weren’t bad enough, the fresh gum leaves your guests at risk for a sticky surprise on the bottom of their shoe! Pressure cleaning removes this unsightly litter quickly and easily so that the sidewalk in front of your entrance is always spotless and inviting.

Grease Spills

Dealing with used grease is a constant chore for many restaurants, whether fine dining or fast food. Grease has to be disposed of in a certain type of waste container; however, transporting it to the container can often prove to be a tricky task. When spills occur, it stains the pavement and attracts pests. Our pressure cleaning teams can make sure these areas are always free of grease, keeping your operation safe and hygienic.

Dirty Awnings

Do you use brightly-colored awnings to accent your restaurant and provide shade from the bright Florida sun? Over time, these window coverings can become streaked with dirt and grime from passing traffic. Low pressure, soft washing cleaning is a quick and easy way to keep these awnings looking their best.

Window Washing

Just like awnings, dirty glass windows are sign that a restaurant owner isn’t paying attention to the presentation of their business; you’d be surprised how this can subconsciously affect the public’s opinion of your establishment. Don’t lose out on revenue because people think that the inside of your restaurant is as dirty as the outside! Our pressure cleaning professionals can ensure that you’re making a great first impression.

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