It’s every business owner’s nightmare: you arrive at your shop location early one morning only to discover that someone has vandalized your Orlando property.

Scrawled across the walls of the building you work so hard to afford are the big, ugly letters of graffiti. This isn’t a good look for your business, and will probably make people less likely to patronize your shop. It’s important that you remove the graffiti immediately, but how?

Don’t lose any more valuable labor dollars by sending your employees outside to scrub at the brick with soap and water. It won’t work. The spray paint used by graffiti artists is designed to be permanent. The only thing that can remove it, to your satisfaction, is professional pressure washing services, and that’s where CleanFast USA comes in.

You Could Be In Violation Of The Law

Perhaps you could care less about the graffiti, you may even like it a little bit. However, it’s important to realize that your business could face even stiffer penalties than just a few intimidated customers. In many cities, there’s actually an ordinance in place that requires graffiti to be completely removed within 48 hours of its detection. In these circumstances, you can’t wait for the markings to be removed by nature and time; it’s necessary to contact CleanFast USA for pressure washing services ASAP.

Pressure Washing Services Are Affordable And Effective

We understand that business owners don’t have extra money to spare. That’s why we strive to make our pressure washing services as competitive as possible. Our highly trained technicians will arrive on the scene and immediately assess the damage caused by graffiti. Different techniques and cleaners must be employed for different services, and our team will choose the right tools for the job.

Don’t leave your business at risk for loss of revenue and fines from the City of Orlando. Contact CleanFast USA for pressure washing services that will erase the graffiti once and for all.