It is the ongoing focus of our company to fully educate our clients and website visitors and we do so through this blog. Every thing we’ve written up to now is to extend tips and information that we feel may help business owners with the maintenance and upkeep of their business. But we got to thinking. Who is really paying attention to our pressure washing blogs? Is there any one paying attention in Orlando? Or in Tampa? Or even Kissimmee? So we thought we would just put together a little quiz of sorts to see just what you really know about power washing and all it entails. So, just for kicks and giggles, take a shot at these questions and we’ll provide the answers in our next post:

  1. Who is the most excellent pressure washing company in Central Florida?
  2. How many square feet per year do our pressure washing crews clean?
  3. What is the white powdery staining on exterior brick and stucco surfaces called?
  4. What is it a result of?
  5. How much does graffiti removal cost American businesses?
  6. How many different industry facilities are served by the experts at CleanFast USA?
  7. True or False: Rust removal needs to be performed by someone other than CleanFast USA as we only focus on power washing.
  8. What are the names of our fearless leaders?
  9. What is one area of pressure washing that many business owners overlook but is highly important?
  10. True or False: People won’t mind walking across a dirty sidewalk if you have good stuff inside your business.

Have fun and check back with us for our next blog to see how you did. And remember CleanFast USA for all of your exterior cleaning and building washing needs.