graffiti or street art of a heartMany people have heard of the famous street artist Banksy. Or perhaps whenever you travel, you look for interesting places to walk and enjoy the street art. As much as street art is enjoyed, whether it’s commissioned or illegally done, there is a fine line between street art and graffiti. Throughout Florida, most people would consider any non-commissioned art graffiti. In that case, the graffiti needs to be removed.

If you run into this problem, contact CleanFast USA to have your commercial property pressure washed of any unsightly and unwanted graffiti. In the meantime, if you’re looking for places to travel outside of Florida where you can enjoy the street art of others, check out these cities around the world.

New York

Many people consider New York City the start of the street and urban art movement. Walk anywhere and you will see a variety of art from individuals trying to make a name for themselves to veterans of the street art world.


The European equivalent of New York City, London has given birth to many popular street artists. Just like the city itself, the street art that can be found here is eclectic. Between strolling the streets for the historic sites and the street art you’re sure to come upon, you cannot go wrong in London.

Mexico City

If you’re looking for an international destination that is affordable and packed with street art head no further than Mexico City. More focused on experimental street art than the mainstream, Mexico City provides a fascinating look into developing urban art.

If you live anywhere in the state of Florida and don’t find the unwanted street art and graffiti appealing, contact CleanFast USA for our pressure washing graffiti removal services. Let’s keep the street art to those vacation spots known for it!