Alrighty. Last month we added a little fun by adding a quiz to our blog just to see who is really paying attention to our pressure washing posts. To see if business owners in Orlando and Tampa and beyond are at all interested in the details of power washing. Even in the slightest. Though we find it endlessly fascinating (which is just one of the reasons that we’re so good at it), we understand that if busy business owners and building managers just interest themselves when they need pressure washing or graffiti removal services. Which is fine. But we had fun creating the quiz for y’all anyway. So, for those who geeked out just enough to take the time to test their power washing knowledge with our quiz, here are the answers. Hope you did well.

  1. Who is the most excellent pressure washing company? Yeah, that would be us; CleanFast USA (duh)
  2. How many square feet per year do we clean? Uh, not sure but we know it’s in the millions.
  3. What is that white powdery staining? It is called efflorescence.
  4. What is it the result of? It is the residual evidence of salt and mineral deposits found in Florida water.
  5. How much do American businesses spend on graffiti removal? It is estimated to be about $15 billion.
  6. How many different types of facilities do we serve? Trick question. We serve all industries that need pressure washing services performed. From restaurants to industrial complexes; from gas stations to shopping centers.
  7. True or False: We don’t perform rust removal. FALSE. We are experts in all pressure washing needs.
  8. What are the names of our leaders? Well, that would be Steven and Holly of course.
  9. The area of pressure washing that business owners often overlook? Unfortunately that would be the garbage dumpster pad. It is often assumed that trash areas will remain dirty and nasty. Truth is – we can get that area looking as pristine as the rest of your business’ exterior areas. Check it out.
  10. True or false: People don’t really mind a dirty sidewalk if you’ve got the goods they want. FALSE! People in Orlando and Tampa have a LOT of choices when it comes to where and with whom they will do business with. To customers, a dirty storefront and sidewalk mean that you don’t respect that they made the choice to seek out your business. And unfortunately, a disrespected customer is a lost customer.

So how did you do? Eh, no biggie. We don’t expect you to be pressure washing experts; after all, that’s our thing. After decades of serving Florida businesses with all things pressure washing, we know that business owners turn to us with power washing and graffiti removal questions; to which we actually provide the right answers. At CleanFast USA, we are the solution to the dirty sidewalks, stained brick and rusty stucco that building owners yearn to clean up. Look to us to provide the answers when you need them.