Running a business is like having two full-time jobs.

Maybe three.

Entrepreneurs are forced to wear many different hats. You’re in charge of human resources, accounting, customer service, and last but most certainly not least, operations. When forced to perform all these different tasks at once, many business owners worry about their customers and employees before maintenance of their building. That’s where a professional pressure cleaning service can help. You’ve got to be careful who you hire, however.

Here are some signs that you’ve hired the wrong Tampa power washer.

They’re Not Licensed Or Insured

You don’t have extra money to throw around, so why risk a liability claim on your commercial insurance because the pressure cleaning service you hired isn’t properly licensed and insured. Any time you’re hiring a contractor to perform maintenance in or around your business, it’s important to make sure they’ve taken the proper steps to protect themselves, their workers, and your business.

They Only Offer High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is very appropriate for sidewalk and building cleaning, but it can actually cause damage to other areas of your business. Windows and awnings are far more delicate than a cement walkway or brick building. For these surfaces a low-pressure application paired with the right detergent is necessary. A careless pressure cleaning service risks breaking your windows and/or tearing your awnings if they don’t offer both.

They Won’t Disclose Detergent Ingredients

Speaking of detergents, any reliable pressure cleaning services should be more than happy to tell you exactly what they’re using to clean your sidewalks, paving stones, brick walls, benches, and more. If you’d rather not have them cleaning with toxic chemicals that could harm children, plants, or animals, your power washing professional should offer alternatives or at least give you the option of refusal by disclosing ingredients before they start.

They Can’t Provide Testimonials And References

Never take a pressure cleaning company’s word that they are the best. The only way to know whether or not they provide a high-quality service, is to hear if from people who have experienced it first hand. The right company will proudly display genuine testimonials on their website and marketing materials, and be willing to provide with the contact information of satisfied customers who can attest to their high standards.

They Don’t Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee

Even the best pressure cleaning companies can make mistakes from time to time, this is only human. What sets a great company apart from an average one is how they handle these mistakes. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee or will they try to make you pay for them to fix their own mistakes? A great company will stand behind their work no matter what.

Why waste money working with a pressure cleaning company that provides less than stellar service? CleanFast USA has earned its reputation as the most excellent pressure washing company in the Tampa area by hard work and dedication to customer service. We’d love the opportunity to show you how we can be more than just a power washing service; we can be your true property maintenance partner. Contact us today!