Many pressure washing contractors talk about ‘curb appeal’ in their marketing and how it can affect property value and presentation. The curb appeal aspect of a commercial property is important in how it creates a first impression to customers and other potential stakeholders.

A fresh, clean property is more inviting than a property that has mildew streaks on walls, greasy sidewalks, gum spots, insect nests and eggs under eaves and staining.

If the property is a restaurant, the positive effect of a clean property can bring a number of benefits. Initially, there will be no distractions to the customer experience as they enter the establishment, allowing the staff to create the atmosphere and the food to leave an impression. Whether it is subconscious or conscious, the customer will be affected by a dirty property – with so many restaurant choices it is important to not have any negative distractions to the customer experience. A pressure washing maintenance program can be an important part of the profitable operation of a restaurant facility.

If the property is a retail or shopping center, a clean property can obtain higher occupancy rates and ultimately, yield higher revenues in the form of rent. The clean property is more marketable to potential tenants and gives existing tenants a better environment to thrive and attract more customers. This occupancy and tenant-related success is immediately transferred to the investors and owners in the form of a more valuable asset for further developemnt/investment or for disposition.

Along with landscaping, sweeping and porter services, a professional pressure washing service can help property owners, managers and developers enhance and maintain property value.