Did you know that the expiration date on a plastic bottle of water is for the bottle itself and not the water? Makes sense, as the water will be just fine and drinkable as long as its not contaminated, spilled or evaporated. Not that this has much to do with pressure washing (beyond the obvious link to water); we just found it interesting.

Water is obviously the back bone of our business. Working with pressure washers, by nature, just wouldn’t be possible without a good, strong dose of H2O; nor would any cleaning job for that matter. With that being said, we do understand the over-riding need for an unwavering focus on water conservation. Though some people would consider what we do to be maybe a waste, the fact is that pressure washing machines use less water than an average garden hose for the same job as the pressure at which the stream is delivered helps to lessen the amount required. It is estimated that a pressure washer uses just two gallon of water a minute while a garden hose goes through 10 times the amount during the same time period.

There’s no doubt that being conscientious about water usage is important in everything we do. As the chosen experts in pressure washing services in Tampa and Orlando, we’ve got the knowledge and equipment that allows to keep conservation a priority.