pressure washing TampaLike with anything that is worth doing right the first time, pressure washing is more than just the act of pointing a high-powered water hose at a building. It takes skill, knowledge and a focus that goes beyond just performing the job. There are “secrets” that help some pressure washing companies excel beyond the everyday task. At CleanFast USA, our team undergoes continuous training and education in order to ensure that best practices are always, and consistently, being employed. We didn’t become a premier source of pressure washing services in Orlando and Tampa without effort. Here are our top tricks for staying on top of the professional power washing industry:

  1. The right tool for the job – Though you would think that power washing technicians simply haul out a motorized pressure washer for building washing services, actually a lot of preparation goes into the project before they ever arrive on-site. Knowing what tips to use on what surfaces is key to doing the job effectively; not just removing grime but also maintaining the structural integrity of that particular building material. It is our techs’ responsibility of knowing his/her spray tips thoroughly.
  2. A recipe for perfection – DIY power washing can actually get you into more trouble than you can handle. Why? The cleaning agents needed are formulated and selected for the needs of each job – if actually needed at all. Our close relationship with our suppliers and ongoing training ensures that we are protecting the surfaces we are working on from unnecessary damage.
  3. Thorough preparation – As part of our process, our pressure washing team works together to implement a customized plan for your business that is tailored to your budget and property specific exterior cleaning needs.
  4. Experience – Through cleaning hundreds of retail properties each year and literally millions of square feet of sidewalk, we know what we are doing. Your property is never a ‘test run’ for us. We always strive to guarantee that our work is free of issues and delivers the results that each of our clients deserve – and frankly, come to expect.
  5. Never rushing the outcome – Again, we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. Our goal is to never over-schedule or place too many demands on our technicians. The one demand we do apply, is the one that says we expect stellar results and superb service. When we dispatch a crew to perform any building washing task, anywhere in Tampa or Orlando, the expectation is for them to take the time and preparations for doing it correctly. This is our promise to you.