What you should know about rust and graffiti removal

pressure washing TampaYou’ve been noticing that the exterior of your business has been looking a bit less than attractive. Maybe there are bird droppings on the sidewalk. Maybe the stucco has been stained with rust or efflorescence. Maybe some jerk has even tagged the backside of your business with unsightly graffiti. One thing is for certain: all these maybe’s add up to a definite need for a good ol’ fashioned building washing.

Well, maybe not so ol’ fashioned. Today’s techniques, tools and cleaning agents have made washing the outside surfaces of your building much easier and affordable. As a business owner in Tampa or Orlando, you are probably aware of both pressure washing and sandblasting services. But do you know the difference between the two and when one is better than the other?

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing companies in Florida, and elsewhere, use high pressure and low pressure cleaning systems to clean various building materials. The selection of the correct pressure cleaning system and methods is crucial to ensure the integrity of the surface being cleaned and ultimately the quality of the clean. At CleanFast USA, we utilize only the most innovative tools and techniques to effectively clean commercial exteriors while maintaining the structural integrity of the surface material.

When to Call for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can help businesses more thoroughly clean exterior surface what routine service doesn’t handle well. Areas that see a high amount of foot traffic, those that are affected by birds and garbage dumpster pads retain a more pristine appearance with regular pressure washing. A regular pressure washing maintenance program will eliminate a lot of the visual blemishes caused by a business’ or retail center’s daily operation – gum, spills, dirt, mildew and dust on sidewalks and buildings are less likely to affect a customer or tenant’s on-property experience.

Our pressure washing technicians are all highly-skilled and educated as to when and how pressure washing should be utilized. After several years of serving Orlando and Tampa’s most-visited shopping centers and restaurants, we know exactly what to do with your exterior’s particular problem. Our team can meet with you on-site to provide a full estimate and proposal. Call the CleanFast USA team today for prompt service.