Wow. That was quick. Though we don’t really have any real winter to speak of in Florida, the end of the season is already near. Traditionally, because Florida weather is pretty consistent all year long, the end of winter is marked by the migration of the snowbirds, who move back to the Northern states they originate from. You’ll also be alerted to the change in seasons by the appearance of a much more skittish crowd – the Spring Breakers.

Knowing that your Orlando or Tampa area business will hopefully see unrelenting crowds from about April through September or October, now is probably the best time to get your building or store front looking its best. The three top chores you should have completed before the Spring Breakers start arriving are:

  • Pressure washing your exterior – From the parking lot to your brick facade, your bottom line depends on just how attractive and professional your property appears. Expert pressure or power washing is key to removing the grease, grime, graffiti and gum that has accumulated over the last few months. It also is the best option for removing any efflorescence or rust that has stained your building’s facade.
  • Professionally washing your windows – For most retail businesses, the majority of the face of your space is glass. Because windows take up much of the front, making sure that they are sparkling clear is imperative to the impression you give potential customers. Have a professional company perform the task as they have the best products and tools to make sure that no streaks or smudges are visible.
  • Spruce it up – Now is the perfect time to add additional landscaping and color to your building. If paint is chipping, touch it up. If parking spaces are difficult to determine, paint new lines. If pot holes and cracks give off an unkempt or hazardous appearance, fill them.

Visitors to the area have an abundance of shopping and dining options; it is up to you to make sure that every aspect of your business is inviting and that the first impression is a great one.