rust removal with power washingLet’s face it. Florida is an extremely humid environment. This can cause rust stains to build up on the side of buildings, and overtime, this can cause further damage to the structure. So, what causes rust staining on building and sidewalk surfaces? And what are the best ways to approach rust removal? Here at CleanFast USA, we’re here to make sure you understand your options for your commercial property.

Unlike residential properties, commercial properties are more likely to be made of materials that can rust. Rust is easily identifiable by its dull orange appearance; identifying the materials on a commercial property that could potentially rust from the humid, salt-laced air is a bit more difficult. The easiest way to identify if any exposed metals on your building are subject to rust is to see if they are magnetic. The most common materials you might come across are iron and steel, both of which are magnetic and both are prone to rust.

If left to its own devices, iron and steel will corrode from rust to the point where they cannot be repaired. Addressing rust removal early will help preserve your property investment. Utilizing power washing to remove rust can help stop corrosion and allow you to take preventative measures from a solid starting point.
CleanFast USA is an expert in rust removal through the power washing process. We know that with the humid air and saltwater environment throughout all of Florida, rust is very common so we have become experts in giving your commercial property a facelift so it can be rust free.