1. Keep Your Building Maintenance Costs Lower with Routine Pressure Washing

    It happened recently that a business owner in Kissimmee called us to find out more about pressure washing as the walking and parking areas around his business were looking..... well, lets just say that they've seen their fair share of mess. In an effort to try to save money, this owner (whom we'll refer to as Larry), attempted to keep up with the bird excrement, graffiti, oil stains and gum mess o…Read More

  2. Why You Dont Want to Pressure Wash on Your Own

    We know what you are thinking. We've heard the reasoning far too many times before. But for all the money-saving, time-conscious excuses we've been given by uneducated DIY'ers, we still believe that pressure washing should never be attempted by the average home or business owner. And it has nothing to do with protecting our bottom line. Yes, we get it. You can rent a pressure washer at any home im…Read More