In Florida, the white powdery stuff on your beautiful brick wall sure ain’t snow – it is probably efflorescence.

Technically, efflorescence is the process by which soluble salts are carried to a brick’s surface by moisture. The soluble salts dry out and often appear as a white, powdery scum – although, depending on the makeup of the soluble salt, it can also be brown, green or yellow in color.An ‘efflorescence rainbow’ of sorts!

Now, if your brick has a solid white/grey haze over it’s surface and there is an errant sprinkler raining down for days, weeks and months on end – you probably have hard water staining, which will require professional brick cleaning.Left unchecked, efflorescence and hard water staining can be difficult to remove. Pressure washing alone won’t remove them without damaging the surface. That is why we use specialized buffered cleaning solutions with all of our brick restoration projects, to prevent damaging your brick and to safely remove the staining.

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