Your Pressure Washing Measures Increases the Safety and Functionality of Your Business

power washing company DavenportAs your Top-Rated Local® pressure washing company serving both the Orlando and Tampa areas,  we would like to highlight how pressure washing can help reduce safety concerns, improve how a property is perceived and ultimately help to increase property-related revenues. There are many aspects to consider in terms of pressure washing reducing safety hazards around the exterior of your building.

These risks to public health and safety include:

  • Mold and Mildew – In the southeast, the climate and weather conditions provide ideal conditions for the growth of mold, mildew and the development of algae. If the growth of these organisms on sidewalks is not dealt with, their slimy, slippery nature can become a slip hazard for property users. There are also health-related risks associated with algae spores.
  • Spills and food debris – If the property/facility has restaurants and fast food services, there are health and safety concerns directly related to the products they sell and the consumers who buy them. In terms of storefront, outside seating areas and public sidewalk areas, consumers often spill their food and drink which can result in slippery, sticky and greasy areas. In terms of service bays and sidewalks at the rear of a property/facility, the constant foot traffic and transport of waste items and trash to dumpster areas often results in greasy, dirty areas. These areas do pose slip hazards, but, perhaps more importantly, can attract pests such as rats, mice and insects.

Creating an Inviting Space

pressure washing Haines CityOne of the obvious benefits of pressure washing is its contribution to how a property/facility is perceived by its users. A clean property is more inviting and provides a better environment for people to work/do business in. If an establishment does not look as though it is well maintained it may result in users/consumers deciding not to return, hurting a business’ reputation and, therefore, its bottom line.

With current economic conditions, building maintenance and cleaning may be one of the most important things that a property manager, building owner or facility manager could invest in. With many businesses and retailers closing or reducing their number of outlets, shopping centers and retail outlets may be struggling to find new tenants. The result of higher vacancy numbers is a decrease in rent rates in order to attract potential new tenants – these potential tenants will be evaluating property locations not only on demographics, but on property aesthetics and evidence of spending on property maintenance. A pressure washing maintenance program to clean sidewalks, storefronts and other common areas will help improve how a property/facility is perceived.

A regular schedule of pressure washing on a property can help increase revenue.

Again, some may scratch their head and wonder, HOW?!?! To review: decreased risks associated with the sidewalks and public thoroughfare and an improvement in cleanliness, curb appeal and property presentation will contribute to more revenue. In terms of commercial/retail properties, if a customer can choose between two similar locations to find their goods, but the main difference is a clean location or a dirty location… they are more likely to spend their dollars at the clean location. This rings true for potential retail tenants. If the potential tenant’s decision came down to maintenance and cleanliness, they more likely to give their monthly rent to the clean and inviting property that has regularly-scheduled pressure washing services as part of its maintenance plan.

As a professional pressure washing company serving the communities surrounding Orlando and Tampa, we can provide competitive pricing and scheduled maintenance for property and facility management/owners.

If you require pressure washing in Orlando, Tampa or the surrounding areas, please contact us at (407) 552-1441 or We also provide services to property management companies with multiple properties throughout Florida.