power washing OrlandoIt happened recently that a business owner in Kissimmee called us to find out more about pressure washing as the walking and parking areas around his business were looking….. well, lets just say that they’ve seen their fair share of mess. In an effort to try to save money, this owner (whom we’ll refer to as Larry), attempted to keep up with the bird excrement, graffiti, oil stains and gum mess on his own. Unfortunately, because he didn’t have the proper solvents, the right equipment or the time to dedicate to doing it properly, his efforts were soon all for naught as the build up of grime became too much.

The problem with the above tactic is that the time and effort our crews had to put into getting his property back to its proper appearance actually cost more financially than if he had just had us regularly perform our services in the first place. Plus, an unfortunate side effect was that the build up of oil in the parking lot, and bird waste on the eaves, roof and sidewalk actually damaged the materials beneath. Now, though everything is clean and the birds are gone, some concrete needs to be replaced and the parking lot needs to be repaired or repaved. Larry did himself, and his business, no favors by spending a dollar to save dimes. Though his intentions seemed to make sense, they proved to be costly in the long run.

The hard fact is that the longer you leave the dirt and grime, the harder it is to remove. Special, more expensive, solvents may need to be used and crews will need to spend longer periods of time working to restore the look of your business.

Don’t be a Larry. Make sure to schedule regular pressure washing as part of your building maintenance plan. At CleanFast USA, we can customize a plan for you, based on your business’ traffic, environmental challenges and facility size. By offering the most comprehensive pressure washing services in the Orlando and Tampa areas, our team can handle the grimiest you have to throw at us. From bird droppings to dumpster drippings, we’ve got the solvents, techniques and teams that get the job done. Call us now and save in the long run.