pressure washing KissimmeeWe know what you are thinking. We’ve heard the reasoning far too many times before. But for all the money-saving, time-conscious excuses we’ve been given by uneducated DIY’ers, we still believe that pressure washing should never be attempted by the average home or business owner. And it has nothing to do with protecting our bottom line.

Yes, we get it. You can rent a pressure washer at any home improvement big box or equipment rental store in Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee or Lakeland. Yes, it will save you some money. But it can literally cost you some skin too. And we do mean literally.

Pressure washing machines are extremely powerful. Not understanding that power can result in some pretty nasty injuries to both user and bystander. That fact is the number one reason that the team of technicians go through months of training before they are trusted with operating a power washer. With some machines blasting hot water at 3000 psi, these machines have been known to remove skin and cause burns that require immediate medical attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, other health risks come from the possibility of electrical shock, carbon monoxide poisoning (if the machine is used inside closed areas) and being struck by flying debris or objects that are projected through the air by the stream of water.

Though the possibility of physical injury should be your number one concern, being inexperienced behind the pressure washer can also damage your property. Using these high-powered hoses at the wrong calibration or distance can permanently damage wood, stone, stucco and other building materials. Plus, because the average DIYer isn’t versed on building elements and construction, the likelihood of water being shot into building seams and between wall elements increases exponentially. This allows the interior spaces to become deluged with moisture and mold and mildew ensues. The cost to remove said mold can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later down the road.

Finally, pressure washing your own business or facility can get you in trouble with the law. Many municipalities have restrictions on what chemicals or waste can be deposited into the drainage systems. Without understanding the details of these waste water laws, those who bypass the use of a professional pressure washing company in Tampa, Orlando or surrounding areas make themselves vulnerable to tickets, fines and even possible jail time. Make sure that you are always complying with water ordinances (which can be quite complicated) by simply leaving the task to those who know how to properly perform it.

Because we only use trained professionals on all of our projects, from shopping centers to gas stations or restaurants, we avoid the above issues. At CleanFast USA, we have the experience and equipment to suit all your pressure washing needs; we invite you to find out more about us and our commitment to power washing and building maintenance in Sanford. Get your free project quote and get started today!