pressure washing TampaWhen you own a business, you want to have a beautiful store front, but we all know that litter and other grime can build up. Probably the most troublesome of human litter is bubble gum.

Building up in places that you don’t want it, bubble gum is exceptionally difficult to remove. While you may not want bubble gum on or around your storefront for obvious reasons, there are three suprisingly popular places around the world where leaving your used gum is encouraged. If you’re an Orlando or Tampa business owner plagued with bubble gum woes, call CleanFast USA for all your commercial presuure washing needs and send the bubble gum perpetrator to one of these attractions instead.

Seattle, Washington

Definitely the most famous and newsworthy bubble gum wall in the world can be found near The Market Theater at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. After years of being an unofficial location , Seattle named the gum wall an official landmark in 1999 due to how many tourists would frequent it. During the winter of 2015, the city came under scrutiny for choosing to power wash this landmark away but don’t worry, the beautifully cleaned wall didn’t last long! Within a week, a group of individuals flash-mobbed the wall with more gum and returned it to its former glory.

Verona, Italy

In a small town hidden among the Tuscan countryside, you might stumble upon the bubble gum wall at casa di Giulietta. Once an inn a long time ago, this house is now known for the for the fictional characters of Romeo and Juliet. The tourist attraction includes Juliet’s balcony, where for a long time visitors would leave notes to Juliet on the walls using, you guessed it, bubble gum. In 2012, the city of Verona re-enacted a law that would fine visitors 500 euro for defacing the property. So for now, hold off on adding yours to the bubble gum collection.

San Luis Obispo, California

Fondly known as Bubblegum Alley, this alley in San Luis Obispo has been collecting bubble gum since the 1970s. This 70-foot long alley is coated in the gooey grime and has been the center of much controversy. Many individuals in the area wish to eradicate this gum wall; however, others have come to accept the wall as part of the downtown atmosphere. For now, there seems to be a general understanding that a once a month pressure wash is a reasonable solution. Even with this cleaning, bubble gum builds up quickly and makes it an interesting site to contribute to.

Paris, France

Though not covered in bubble gum, Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Paris begs mentioning as it could use a good power wash. This unique landmark has visitors flocking to leave lipstick kiss marks all over the tomb to the extent in which the Wilde’s name sometimes isn’t even visible.

Although your building probably isn’t covered in gum, utilizing power washing on your business storefront will help to revitalize your business and make everything sparkle, removing any amount of gum that may have been left. Contact CleanFast USA for all your pressure washing needs across Orlando and keep your business from becoming the next tourist attraction.