Well what do you know? After an issue that a customer had with the Historic Preservation Society, we came up with yet another reason you should not attempt pressure washing as a DIY project.

It seems that this individual’s misguided attempt to scrub the exterior of his business’ building actually damaged the brick and wood facade. Yes, this error can add up to thousands in repair cost, but the underlying issue is that the building was located in the historic district; therefore, under certain restrictions regarding its maintenance or rehabilitation efforts. Not first checking those restrictions left this owner vulnerable to the repercussions of taking on this project himself.

Though the above circumstance is fictional, it is not completely based in fantasy. Because pressure washing old and even historic buildings can damage the decades or centuries-old materials, it is never recommended that you do this yourself. Not only have we made clear the dangers a pressure washer presents when in the wrong hands, both to you and your property, but we’ve also tried to make clear the financial costs should one attempt to do this using the wrong supplies and equipment. Add the problem that you may inadvertently cause irreparable damage to a vintage or historical building and you’ve got problems that nobody wants to deal with.

Avoid the issue all together with just one phone call to CleanFast USA. We will do a full analysis of your property and exterior to ensure that the correct procedures are followed; keeping your historic or vintage building in the shape we all appreciate.