We all know that you get a single chance to make a good first impression. As a business owner, you want your office or place of business to always be looking its best. That’s why you contact us. At Clean Fast USA, we know a thing or two about commercial pressure washing in Orlando. But there’s more to a good cleaning than just spraying high-pressure water, and we always come prepared with the right tools for the right situation.

Depending on the model, pressure washers typically clean with cold, warm, or hot water. Each of these temperatures offers a different level of cleaning intensity, so it’s important to know what types of jobs you’re looking to have done prior to selection. Recently, a new feature has emerged that has become popular, and that’s the ability to clean with wet steam. Steam pressure washers clean at much higher temperatures than hot water pressure washers, which provides the most cleaning power available of any pressure washer. These washers are the most effective models when it comes to removing grease and dirt, along with disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.

Also, steam pressure washers clean at such a high temperature that, during a majority of the time, chemicals or detergents simply aren’t necessary. While some jobs will require chemicals, they’re usually not required. Plus, with the increased cleaning power, they are able to clean faster, and require less power, water, and labor to operate.