pressure washing Orlando Both business owners/managers and homeowners can benefit in a variety of ways from routine power or pressure washing to the exterior of their buildings. But if you’ve never hired a pressure washing company before, you may be just a bit confused as to what to expect. Understanding the differences between a full-scale power washing company and guy who happens to own a power washing gun (and thought he might as well make a little money from it) can help you save money in the long run and remain satisfied with the results. Here is what you should expect from a professional power washing company:

  1. They should be licensed and insured. Having someone work on your property leaves you vulnerable to personal injury suits should something happen. Make sure that the company you choose has insurance to protect both you and themselves. Also, a licensing board generally keeps pretty good tabs on those businesses to which they grant licenses so it is more likely that they are on the up-and-up.
  2. They should provide a detailed estimate. The estimate that you receive should be in writing and should also list out exactly what duties are included and the charges for each. Find out what instances may or may not change that amount or if it is set in stone. Don’t be lured in by a company that gives you a much lower price than others that you received a quote from. Better companies are worth the extra cost.
  3. They should be caring about the environment. Water discharge from power washing machines can get pretty nasty. Find out what the area regulations are regarding power washing services and whether the company you are considering abides by those. You want to make sure that they are environmentally responsible so that you are not held responsible for any violations.
  4. They should be using professional-grade materials and equipment. Better tools and cleaners mean better results. Make sure that the company knows what tools and equipment should be used for your building’s exterior in order to keep from damaging its surface. Be sure to ask about the cleaning products and solvents to ensure that they are safe for your surrounding landscaping, paving stones or siding.
  5. They should be safety-conscious. You can check with the licensing board regarding a company’s safety record and if they’ve been in violation of any workplace safety measures. Pressure washing equipment can be dangerous when operated incorrectly. Make sure the service you hire makes safety the highest priority.
  6. They should be highly experienced. Again, anyone who purchases a power washing machine can call themselves a pressure washing professional. Remember, you are literally putting the appearance of one of your most valuable possessions into the hands of someone else. Make sure that they have the experience and know-how to deal with your unique needs and building specifications.
  7. They should pre-clean. Many building surfaces are coated with a level of dirt and grime that should be removed so that deeper lying grease, mold or mildew stains can be more effectively removed. Many use dry chemicals during the pre-cleaning stage so make sure to ask how they plan to go about this step.

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