pressure washing orlandoBeing a part of the Sunshine State, it really can’t be much of a surprise to discover that Orlando gets more than its fair share of tourists. More than any other US destination as a matter of fact. In 2015, Orlando was the first destination point in the US to pass the 60 million mark with a record 62.7 million visitors. Considering that that number has more than doubled in the last 20 years, the importance of attracting customers to your business site is amplified.

In several industry studies, hotel guests who were surveyed stated that cleanliness was the number one concern for their stay. If the grounds, building, facilities and guest rooms were dingy or dirty, they were much less likely to return. Because of this focus on sanitary conditions, it remains imperative for Orlando hotel owners and operators to always keep all facades and areas clean.

There exists no better way to keep the exterior of your hotel neatly attractive than commercial pressure washing. Our Orlando team of professional technicians carry with them a reputation for the highest-quality techniques, applications and materials in the industry. Meant to easily disperse dirt, grime, gum, bird droppings and insect debris, our pressure washing services are an affordable measure that is easily added to your building maintenance routine.

Show your hotel guests that you appreciate their business by making their visit to Orlando as enjoyable as possible by presenting to them a first impression that can’t be questioned. Schedule your pressure washing project by calling our team at 407-705-3697.