Protect  your business with graffiti removal by Clean Fast

graffiti removal Tampa Nothing speaks more clearly about a business than the appearance of graffiti. Admittedly in some cases, street art is actually preferred and even commissioned by the store owner; however, in the overwhelming majority of cases, tagging and graffiti is an eyesore that building managers and business owners want removed right away. In fact, many municipalities require businesses to be prompt with their graffiti removal efforts. St. Petersburg requires it to be removed within 48 hours of detection. The damage caused by such vandalism costs the country’s businesses and municipalities an estimated $15 billion.

Because graffiti is understood to be harmful to the branding and image of any local business, prompt and thorough removal is always recommended. Doing so without damaging the wall or building element itself is highly important however. Only those professionals that understand the varying challenges of stucco, compared to concrete, compared to brick, will understand just what pressure washing technique and what solvents or cleaners should be used for safe graffiti removal.

As Tampa and Orlando’s favorite pressure washing company, we specialize in prompt and efficient graffiti removal. We promise the quick arrival of qualified technicians who are well-skilled in the safe removal of graffiti and tagging from any exterior surface.
As soon as you notice the eye-sore that is most graffiti, call the CleanFast USA team
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