1. What is Your Dumpster Pad Giving Away About Your Business?

    Is it possible that your business' dumpster pad giving away dirty little secrets? Could it be that your ignoring your dumpster containment area has allowed people to believe things about your business that you would never wish for? What we're really asking here is: how dirty is your dumpster pad? If you're in the restaurant or hospitality industry, and your dumpster pad is grimy, greasy and covere…Read More

  2. Dumpster Pad Pressure Washing

    Dumpster pad pressure washing and trash can cleaning should be an important consideration for all building and property managers/owners. The dumpsters and surrounding areas can often provide an environment for factors that can negatively impact business or lead to health safety risks for property users. Some of these are: Foul Odors

 Breeding ground for Bacteria (Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria)…Read More