1. Four Bubble Gum Walls Around the World

    When you own a business, you want to have a beautiful store front, but we all know that litter and other grime can build up. Probably the most troublesome of human litter is bubble gum. Building up in places that you don’t want it, bubble gum is exceptionally difficult to remove. While you may not want bubble gum on or around your storefront for obvious reasons, there are three suprisingly popul…Read More

  2. sidewalk pressure washing Tampa

    5 Bite-Sized Chewing Gum Facts

    As Orlando's pressure washing professionals, we tend to run across a lot of discarded chewing gum. It’s one of those substances that, if not removed quickly, can really make Florida businesses look unkempt. Thankfully, our pressure washing team knows a lot about chewing gum and how to remove it. With that said, here are five bite-sized facts about gum that you might just find amusing: 1.) Long…Read More

  3. Sidewalk Cleaning, The First Step in Making a Good Impression

    Sidewalk Cleaning, The First Step in Making a Good Impression Many business owners tend to stand in their window and gaze out upon the street or parking lot either dreaming of hordes of shoppers or maybe wishing them to visit their shops. But while they look toward the far horizon, they miss a most important aspect of their businesses image, that is right under their feet... the sidewalk. Don't th…Read More

  4. Chewing Gum Removal – Food For Thought

    The condition of your restaurants exterior can tell a potential customer a lot about what may lie on the interior. As a restaurant owner or manager it can be of great benefit to your business to take a look at the operational and maintenance aspects of cleanliness and hygiene - specifically relating to chewing gum removal and pressure washing. With dining establishments this is especially importan…Read More

  5. Orlando Pressure Washing

    With our focus on shopping centers, our Orlando pressure washing and commercial pressure cleaning services make us the company to take care of cleaning your sidewalks and buildings because we are familiar with the nuances associated with this line of work, and tailor our service accordingly. None of our pressure washing jobs are complete until we 'cut in' every corner, around columns and benches a…Read More