1. Your Hotel Business Depends on its Cleanliness

    Being a part of the Sunshine State, it really can't be much of a surprise to discover that Orlando gets more than its fair share of tourists. More than any other US destination as a matter of fact. In 2015, Orlando was the first destination point in the US to pass the 60 million mark with a record 62.7 million visitors. Considering that that number has more than doubled in the last 20 years, the i…Read More

  2. What Does Your Parking Lot Look Like?

    We get it. You've been so focused on running your business that you've overlooked whether it looked good when you got there. Don't get us wrong; we understand the fact that all the small details get in the way sometimes of seeing the big picture. But is the big picture looking a little scrubby to your visitors. The unfortunate fact is that though you're the absolute best in what you offer Tampa or…Read More

  3. Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Business In Orlando

    Maintaining your businesses exterior can be an expensive and arduous task; however, doing so can help to keep your business looking clean and inviting to prospective customers. Luckily, pressure washing now provides an affordable avenue for you to keep your business maintained. If you are trying to decide if pressure washing could be a good way to preserve the look of your businesses exterior, her…Read More

  4. Pressure Washing Your Property

    What you should know about rust and graffiti removal You've been noticing that the exterior of your business has been looking a bit less than attractive. Maybe there are bird droppings on the sidewalk. Maybe the stucco has been stained with rust or efflorescence. Maybe some jerk has even tagged the backside of your business with unsightly graffiti. One thing is for certain: all these maybe's add u…Read More

  5. Pressure Washing Old Buildings

    Well what do you know? After an issue that a customer had with the Historic Preservation Society, we came up with yet another reason you should not attempt pressure washing as a DIY project. It seems that this individual's misguided attempt to scrub the exterior of his business' building actually damaged the brick and wood facade. Yes, this error can add up to thousands in repair cost, but the und…Read More

  6. What do You Know About Pressure Washing?

    It is the ongoing focus of our company to fully educate our clients and website visitors and we do so through this blog. Every thing we've written up to now is to extend tips and information that we feel may help business owners with the maintenance and upkeep of their business. But we got to thinking. Who is really paying attention to our pressure washing blogs? Is there any one paying attention …Read More

  7. What You Should Expect from a Power Washing Service

    Both business owners/managers and homeowners can benefit in a variety of ways from routine power or pressure washing to the exterior of their buildings. But if you've never hired a pressure washing company before, you may be just a bit confused as to what to expect. Understanding the differences between a full-scale power washing company and guy who happens to own a power washing gun (and thought…Read More

  8. Pressure Washing Orlando: Why You Should Consider Hiring A Professional

    Did you know that renting a pressure washer to clean the many surfaces in and outside of your home can be dangerous? This is one of the many reasons why it’s better to hire our pressure washing company in Orlando, Clean Fast USA, rather than renting your own pressure washer. Today we’re going to speak a bit more on why you should consider hiring a professional rather than renting a pressure wa…Read More

  9. Pressure Washing Orlando: Reap These 4 Benefits

    Whether you’re simply trying to improve the exterior appearance of your home or you’re trying to sell it, home pressure washing is a must! Why? Your trusted pressure washing company in Orlando explains why below. Increase your home’s value. Pressure washing is considered to be the most affordable way to increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressu…Read More

  10. Power Washing Your Storefront

    Summer in Tampa is a perfect time for power washing your storefront to remove all the stains, dirt, and grime that accumulated around your store front during the winter and spring. Perhaps you haven't noticed recently at how much dirt needs to be removed in places you don't inspect often - or maybe you put it to the back of your mind because you have a million and one more important things to dea…Read More