1. Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Business In Orlando

    Maintaining your businesses exterior can be an expensive and arduous task; however, doing so can help to keep your business looking clean and inviting to prospective customers. Luckily, pressure washing now provides an affordable avenue for you to keep your business maintained. If you are trying to decide if pressure washing could be a good way to preserve the look of your businesses exterior, her…Read More

  2. 3 Ways Power Washing Improves Your Grocery Store Property

    Everyone needs groceries; you probably venture to the local grocery store when you need to stock the pantry. But do you venture out of your way to go to a store because there is something there you like better? Everyone has their personal preferences as to why they shop where they do. Some people like a produce section better; others may like a certain pharmacy and want to make only one trip. But …Read More

  3. 3 Cities Known for Their Street Art (Not in Florida)

    Many people have heard of the famous street artist Banksy. Or perhaps whenever you travel, you look for interesting places to walk and enjoy the street art. As much as street art is enjoyed, whether it’s commissioned or illegally done, there is a fine line between street art and graffiti. Throughout Florida, most people would consider any non-commissioned art graffiti. In that case, the graffiti…Read More

  4. 5 Signs You Hired The Wrong Commercial Pressure Washer

    Running a business is like having two full-time jobs. Maybe three. Entrepreneurs are forced to wear many different hats. You're in charge of human resources, accounting, customer service, and last but most certainly not least, operations. When forced to perform all these different tasks at once, many business owners worry about their customers and employees before maintenance of their building. T…Read More

  5. Benefits Of Pressure Cleaning For Commercial Shopping Centers

    Commercial property managers have a lot to think about. Even though they're not actually responsible for the operation of any particular business in a shopping center, it's their job to make sure that the customers of these businesses have a good experience while on the property. If an aesthetic or safety issue is making customers reluctant to visit the stores and restaurants operated by your tena…Read More

  6. Doing This One Thing Will Make Diners Flock To Your Restaurant

    Food service is one of the most competitive industries in the nation. This is even more true in sunny Florida, which is almost always flush with tourists. At CleanFast USA, we truly believe that pressure cleaning can help you stand out in a crowd of other restaurants clamoring for the public’s attention. How, you may ask? Just like the most famous dish on your menu, it all comes down to present…Read More

  7. Was Your Business Tagged With Ugly Graffiti? We Can Help.

    It's every business owner's nightmare: you arrive at your shop location early one morning only to discover that someone has vandalized your Orlando property. Scrawled across the walls of the building you work so hard to afford are the big, ugly letters of graffiti. This isn't a good look for your business, and will probably make people less likely to patronize your shop. It’s important that you …Read More

  8. Why You Dont Want to Pressure Wash on Your Own

    We know what you are thinking. We've heard the reasoning far too many times before. But for all the money-saving, time-conscious excuses we've been given by uneducated DIY'ers, we still believe that pressure washing should never be attempted by the average home or business owner. And it has nothing to do with protecting our bottom line. Yes, we get it. You can rent a pressure washer at any home im…Read More

  9. Three Property Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before Spring Break

    Wow. That was quick. Though we don't really have any real winter to speak of in Florida, the end of the season is already near. Traditionally, because Florida weather is pretty consistent all year long, the end of winter is marked by the migration of the snowbirds, who move back to the Northern states they originate from. You'll also be alerted to the change in seasons by the appearance of a much …Read More

  10. Pressure Washing Orlando: Why You Should Consider Hiring A Professional

    Did you know that renting a pressure washer to clean the many surfaces in and outside of your home can be dangerous? This is one of the many reasons why it’s better to hire our pressure washing company in Orlando, Clean Fast USA, rather than renting your own pressure washer. Today we’re going to speak a bit more on why you should consider hiring a professional rather than renting a pressure wa…Read More