1. The Link Between Pressure Washing and Safety

    Your Pressure Washing Measures Increases the Safety and Functionality of Your Business As your Top-Rated Local® pressure washing company serving both the Orlando and Tampa areas,  we would like to highlight how pressure washing can help reduce safety concerns, improve how a property is perceived and ultimately help to increase property-related revenues. There are many aspects to consider in ter…Read More

  2. Industry Secrets to Stellar Pressure Washing Results

    Like with anything that is worth doing right the first time, pressure washing is more than just the act of pointing a high-powered water hose at a building. It takes skill, knowledge and a focus that goes beyond just performing the job. There are "secrets" that help some pressure washing companies excel beyond the everyday task. At CleanFast USA, our team undergoes continuous training and educatio…Read More

  3. What do You Know About Pressure Washing?

    It is the ongoing focus of our company to fully educate our clients and website visitors and we do so through this blog. Every thing we've written up to now is to extend tips and information that we feel may help business owners with the maintenance and upkeep of their business. But we got to thinking. Who is really paying attention to our pressure washing blogs? Is there any one paying attention …Read More

  4. Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pressure Washing Company

    It is a regrettable part of doing business that not all who are ready to take your money are as ready to provide service or product excellence worthy of your money or your time. Protecting yourself against those less-than-professional companies or individuals is of course, always recommended. But when it comes to something as seemingly-innocuous as pressure washing companies - how does one ensure …Read More

  5. power washing Orlando

    Developing Your 2014 Budget? Don’t Forget Power Washing Services!

    Now is the time to contact us for comprehensive and affordable power washing services in Tampa, Orlando and their surrounding areas. If you are a property manager, you might be thinking about drafting your 2014 budget right about now or you are already in the process of doing it. Don’t forget to include the cost of having your properties power washed next year, as keeping your structure clean ca…Read More

  6. Hydraulic Oil Spill Cleanup

    Over the last couple of years, CleanFast USA has had calls from customers who require hydraulic oil spill cleanup services. These customers are typically in a construction or sanitation related industry, where their equipment has leaked onto the roads within a residential community. In these circumstances, the customer is usually quite anxious to have it dealt with straight away as they do not wan…Read More

  7. Rust Stain Removal

    Rust and metal staining on buildings and sidewalk surfaces can be frustrating issue for property managers and owners in Florida. Regular pressure washing alone will not remove rust stains and often requires specialist rust removal chemicals. These rust stain removal chemicals must be safe for the surfaces they are to be used on and for any surrounding surfaces to avoid staining and damage. Rust st…Read More

  8. Orlando Pressure Washing Services

    CleanFast USA provides an Orlando pressure washing service to help property owners, managers and developers maintain common areas and enhance the value of their investment. There can be little argument that a comprehensive pressure washing maintenance program results in a clean commercial property. This property is then infinitely more attractive to potential tenants and existing tenants' customer…Read More

  9. Hot Water Pressure Washing

    It is important for shopping center property managers to understand the difference between hot water pressure washing methods and cold water pressure washing methods when choosing a commercial pressure washing company to maintain their property. The choice could be the difference between a clean, safe and presentable property and a property with surface damage, incomplete removal of contaminants a…Read More

  10. Office Complex Pressure Washing

    If you are a facility manager, property manager or business owner in Orlando, FL you probably have experience with a cleaning company or janitorial company. They come into your office to vacuum, polish, buff, tidy, sanitize and clean all areas on the inside of the building. This helps provide a clean, safe and productive work environment where all employees can focus on their job and avoid any unn…Read More